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Ayatullah al-Uzma Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamene’i-Karya Imam Agung Ayatullah Khomeini

Taqlid and the Authority of the Jurist Leader [Wilayat al-Faqih]

    The Three Options: Ihtiyat, Ijtihad, and Taqlid
Conditions of Taqlid
How to veryfy ijtihad and A'lamiyyah and Otain Verdict
Switching From One Marja' to Another [Udul]
Continuing to Follow A Deceased Marja
Miscellaneous Issues of Taqlid
Marja'iyyah and Leadership
Authority of the Jurist Leader [Wilayat al' Faqih]...

Cleanness [Taharah]

    Rules of Different Types of Water
Rules of Toilet [Takhalli]
Rules of Wuzu [Ablution]
Touching the Names of God, the Exalted, and His Verses
Rules of Janabah Bath [Ghusl Due to Sexual Activity]
Rules of Invalid Ghusl
Rules of Tayammum [Dry Ablution]
Rules Pertaining to Women
Rules of the Dead
Rules of Unclean Substances [Najasahs]
Intoxicants And Similar Substances
Obsession [Waswas] And Its Cure
Uncleanness of Kafir, Cleanness of Ahl al-Kitab

Prayers [Salat]

    Importance and Conditions of Prayers
Prayers' Times
Rules Of Qiblah
Rules of the Place of Prayers
Rules of Mosque
Rules Regarding Other Types Of Religious Center
Clothes Of The Praying Person
Wearing and Using Gold and Silver
Azan and Iqamah
Qira'ah And Its Rules
Rules of Sujud [Prostration]
Rules of Greeting in Prayers
Things That Invalidate Prayers
Doubt [Shakk] In Prayers And Its Rules
Qaza' [Compensatory ] Prayers
Eldest Son's Performance Of The Qaza' Prayers Of His Father
Group [ Jama'ah ] Prayers
Rule Of Incorrect Recitation By Group Prayers Leader
Group Prayers Leadership By A Disabled Person
Women’s Attendance At Group Prayers
Performing Group Prayers Behind Sunnis
Friday [Jumu’ah] Prayers
The Two Id Prayers
Traveler’s Prayers
Someone For Whom Traveling Is A Job Or A Job Requirement
Rule of Students
Intents Of Traveling The Shar’i Distance And Staying For Ten Days
Tarakhkhus Limit
A Travel That Involves Sin
Rules Regarding The Place Of Residence [Watan]
Dependence of Wife
Rules Of Large Cities
Isti’jar Prayers
Ayat Prayers
Recommended Daily Prayers [Nafilahs]
Miscellaneous Rules Of Prayers

Fasting [Sawm]

    Conditions Under Which Fasting Is Obligatory And Valid
Pregnant And Nursing Women
Illness And Restriction By A Physician
Things Which Must Be Avoided
Intentional Remaining in the State of Janabah
Masturbation While Fasting Or Not
Rules of Iftar [ Breaking One's Fast ]
Kaffarah [Penalty] of the Fast And Its Amount
Making Up For Missed Fasts
Miscellaneous Rules Of Fasting
Sighting the New Moon

Khums [20% Tax]

    Rules of Paying Khums Out of Gift, Present, Bank Prizes, ...
Paying Khums on Loan, Salary, Liabilities, Insurance, ....
Selling House, Means of Transportation, And Lands
Treasure, Spoils, And the Halal Property Mixed With Haram
Personal Expenses [Ma'unah]
Mudawarah, Musalahah, And Khums`s Mixture...
Method of Calculating Khums
Determining the Fiscal Year
Authority in Charge of Khums And Areas in Which It Is Spent
Portion of Sayyids
Areas in Which Khums Is Spent, Permissions, Gift, And ...
Miscellaneous Rules of Khums


    Initiation of Jihad and other Issues

Enjoining to Good [Ma’ruf] and Forbidding from Evil [Munkar]

    Conditions Under Which They Become Obligatory
How to Perform Them
Miscellaneous Rules